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Idea Connection Systems® nurtures and supports the process of innovation with a broad spectrum of customized services. Each is designed to release the full potential of your people, products, and services.

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Idea Connection Systems and Mosaic Partnerships deliver insights to Council on Foundation Annual Meeting in DC

Council on Foundation 2016 Annual Conference | April 8-12, 2016 | Washington, DC The Future of Community Idea Connection Systems and Odyssey of Humanity joins an impressive who’s who list of Innovation leaders including Sir Richard Branson – Founder, Virgin Group,...

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All Seasons Greetings

At the close of another year, all of us here at Idea Connection Systems and HumanGrid enjoy reflecting on the seasons and achievements we made and the victories of our friends and clients from around the globe. Our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our...

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BOOK: Making The Invisible Visible

In “Making the Invisible Visible:The Human Principles for Sustaining Innovation”, Robert ‘Bob’ Rosenfeld shares his many years of experience describing the human principles for sustaining innovation.

Organizations need innovation like plants need water; without it, they will die. Great innovations are always the result of blending the right technology, the right business model, and the right people. But in the end, it always comes back to the people

Robert Rosenfeld began his 19-year career at Eastman Kodak Company as a chemist, but soon grew interested in the human side of the innovation process and founded Kodak’s Office of Innovation, which helped transform ideas into hundreds of millions of dollars.

BOOK: The Invisible Element

In “The Invisible Element: A Practical Guide for the Human Dynamics of Innovation”, Robert ‘Bob’ Rosenfeld and Gary Wilhelmi share their 80-plus years of experience as innovation leaders and practitioners. The book lays out practical points and applicable insights for how people can make innovation happen inside their organization.

Innovation is made up of business, technical, and human elements. Because it is often invisible, the human element is the least understood and hardest to grasp. “The Invisible Element” explains the principles behind creating a sustainable culture of innovation and provides a practical guide for their implementation.

We all know innovation is the lifeblood of business, yet most writing on this important subject is devoted to process. In The Invisible Element, Rosenfeld and Wilhelmi look beyond process to tap the elusive (or critical ) human elements essential to creating a culture that fosters and sustains innovation.
– Don Hall, CEO, Hallmark Cards, Inc.

Many business publications and thought leaders exalt the importance of innovation. Despite the good intentions of organizations, many organizations find it difficult to implement a concrete and comprehensive set of activities to support their desire to innovate. In this book, Rosenfeld and Wilhelmi present a practical guide to help leaders close the gap between their desire to innovate and their ability to drive innovation into their organization. If you want to ‘unshackle your innovators,’ this is a must-read book!
– David Altman, Ph.D., Executive Vice President, Research, Innovation and Product Development, Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)

From a lifetime of personal innovation experience and keen observations of behaviors within organizations, Bob Rosenfeld and Gary Wilhelmi have created a set of models to assess both individual and organizational innovation conditions. Captured in The Invisible Element: A Practical Guide for Human Dynamics of Innovation are timeless principles and practical methods to guide the establishment of productive innovation systems. Honed through interactions with innovation leaders throughout the world, these models, principles, and methods are invaluable to innovation leaders as they take innovation to the next level.
– Michael Vahey, Innovation Champion, SAS Office of Innovation, Raytheon


Idea Connection Systems® nurtures and supports the process of innovation with a broad spectrum of customized services. Each is designed to release the full potential of your people, products, and services.

Assessment Instruments

Frameworks & tools used in identifying cognitive styles of individuals on teams and organizational culture.

Customized Workshops

Spark your innovation initiatives with customized innovation workshops that can be tailored to meet the needs of your organization.

Leadership Coaching

Expand your capacity to lead and manage to sustain a climate that is supportive of innovation with personalized coaching.


Idea Connection Systems® is a trusted global consulting firm focused on providing instruments and services that leverage the unique human elements and dynamics within organizations to make innovation processes, systems, and results possible. Idea Connection Systems® was founded in 1988 from an intense desire to bring a clearer understanding of the key to making innovation happen within organizations. Central to understanding your organization’s innovative potential and its impact on any engagement is to truly understand and embrace the human element of the collective individuals. For over 30 years, Idea Connection Systems® has worked with clients to implement innovation systems; dissecting, understanding, and interpreting human dynamics to affect implementable and tangible change for organizations. This insight into human behavior is what empowers companies to leverage their different strengths, which shows them how to leverage, integrate, and optimize their potential talent within in the organization. In turn, they will then gain the understanding and guidance to implement and sustain new systems, strategies, and team structures to create new success.