leader development

Key employees often have special needs when it comes to managing their goals and tasks. Their ability to build social, competency, and trust networks and to influence key decision makers is often dependent on the leadership success within the corporation.


Training, educating, and coaching organizational leaders

Idea Connection Systems® has worked with senior teams, middle management teams, and first line managers to improve their capacity to manage and lead. We show managers how to change the way they manage and lead depending on their level within the organization. We train, educate, and coach individuals and teams to help them acquire human, organizational, and interpersonal skills required to achieve success. We show people how to integrate their middle management and senior leadership skills to achieve maximum performance.

Senior Leadership Development

Working with senior leadership to help them develop a comprehensive understanding of vision, mission, values, strategies, goal setting, and delegation, human competence and team dynamics, human motivation, systems, processes and organizational structures, and diversity of thought, as well as physio-cultural diversity.

Middle Management Development

Working with middle management to help them develop and understand the business they are in – the customers, products, services, supply chain, and competition, key financial workings and benchmarks of the company, and the the state of the local and global economy and how this affects their business.

Individual Team Member Development

Working with individual team members to help them learn the essential skills and processes for making decisions, solving problems, resolving conflict, and coordinating and integrating work efforts. Developing skills and learn how to maximize their ability to gain cooperation from others that achieves results.

One-on-One Leadership Coaching

Idea Connection Systems® has coached many senior leaders, middle managers, directors, and key employees to improve their leadership skills. We have worked with people at all these levels in Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurial start-ups, and government agencies at the federal, state, and metropolitan levels. Key coaching areas include: how to make decisions, solve problems, resolve conflict, and coordinate and integrate work efforts and how to train, educate, mentor, promote, and evaluate performance.

Top Level Executives: CEO and President

Top leadership is responsible for leading complex cultural change. It is also their duty to foster and sustain innovation throughout the organization to achieve the long-range vision and mission and reach the financial objectives of the corporation. In addition, top leadership is often in need of a person, independent of the organization, to help evaluate their ideas and plans.

Senior Level Leadership: Senior VP and VP

Senior Leadership is responsible for working with their peers and the CEO and President to lead complex cultural change, as well as foster and sustain innovation throughout their part of the organization. In addition, this level can often benefit from coaching to prepare for moving into top leadership roles.

Management: Manager and Director

Senior Leadership will often identify managers and directors who have high potential for moving into the role of Vice-President or other top-level positions. These managers and directors need to develop their communication skills to lead employees in large-scale cultural change and innovation efforts.

How Can Idea Connection Systems® Help?

There are two significant transitions that employees go through as they move up the corporate ladder. The first major transition happens when they become a first line manager; they have moved from the “bottom” to the “middle”. The second major transition takes place when they become part of senior leadership; they have moved from the “middle” to the “top”. Often, people who are great individual contributors do not succeed as a manager and people who are good middle managers cannot make the transition to senior leadership. Throughout an employee’s career, they should be developing both their management and leadership skills.

Strategic Leadership and Coaching Development 

  • Develop their vision, mission, values, strategies, and goals.
  • Learn the essential skills and processes for making decisions, solving problems, resolving conflict, and coordinating and integrating work efforts.
  • Determine the right competencies for any job or situation and then assist with the selection and/or training of individuals and teams.
  • Develop skills for mentoring and evaluating people for promotion.
  • Learn the basics of understanding and then enabling human motivation to align with the goals of the organization.
  • Develop influencing skills and learn an influencing process that will maximize their ability to gain cooperation from others that leads to results.
  • Develop systems, processes, and structures that focus on achieving the strategies and goals of the organization. We can also do or assist with process redesign and new process implementation.
  • Understand and then utilize the inherent diversity of thought, styles, and cultures that make up any organization.

Each one-on-one coaching opportunity is unique. Idea Connection Systems® works with each client to design a coaching program that meets the unique needs of the individual and the organization to which they belong. To build a relationship with the client, we start by understanding the person through interviews and instruments. Next, we learn, understand, and help clarify the person’s individual and organizational goals. We review successes and challenges the individual faces, as well as the culture of the organization to determine the type of coaching we should provide. We also help clients examine the key stakeholders with which they interact, leading to an improvement in interpersonal communication skills.

Idea Connection Systems® believes that for a coaching relationship to be successful, it is essential to properly pair the coach and coachee. There needs to be a synergy of trust, knowledge, experience, integrity, ethics, confidentiality, and personal chemistry. We take a holistic approach to our coaching relationships, incorporating work, home and spiritual life.


Idea Connection Systems® is a trusted global consulting firm focused on providing instruments and services that leverage the unique human elements and dynamics within organizations to make innovation processes, systems, and results possible. Idea Connection Systems® was founded in 1988 from an intense desire to bring a clearer understanding of the key to making innovation happen within organizations. Central to understanding your organization’s innovative potential and its impact on any engagement is to truly understand and embrace the human element of the collective individuals. For over 30 years, Idea Connection Systems® has worked with clients to implement innovation systems; dissecting, understanding, and interpreting human dynamics to affect implementable and tangible change for organizations. This insight into human behavior is what empowers companies to leverage their different strengths, which shows them how to leverage, integrate, and optimize their potential talent within in the organization. In turn, they will then gain the understanding and guidance to implement and sustain new systems, strategies, and team structures to create new success.