organizational talent

Our goal is for key stakeholders within a company to gain the understanding and guidance necessary to implement and sustain new systems, strategies, and team structures to create new success within their organization.


Leverage the power of human dynamics within your organization.

Through expertise, methodologies, and instruments, Idea Connection Systems® ensures that organizational leaders will attain insight, guidance, and understanding of the sophisticated inter-human dynamics within their organizations. This new comprehension promotes team restructuring, workflow optimization, and the implementation of new, innovative systems that make the systemic change needed for organizations to grow, expand, and profit possible.


From initial intervention, through ongoing recovery, and long-term growth, Idea Connection Systems® uses a complex process of analysis, research, insight, interpretation, structure, coaching, implementation, and sustainment to make successful innovation practices within organizations possible.

Choosing A Framework

Includes the instruments, systems, methodologies, coaching, and initiatives Idea Connection Systems uses to gather behavioral insight.

Accurate Understanding

Accurately and thoroughly understand the data yielded from the chosen framework to begin implementing organizational changes.

Goals & Application

Establish a clear system and set of goals to apply organizational restructuring and changes across departments and teams.

Organizational Implementation

Implement team restructuring, leadership engagement, and cultural changes to gauge long-term innovative performance.

Cultural Sustainment

Understand how to properly foster positive human dynamics within organizational culture to cultivate and sustain innovation.


Idea Connection Systems® is a trusted global consulting firm focused on providing instruments and services that leverage the unique human elements and dynamics within organizations to make innovation processes, systems, and results possible. Idea Connection Systems® was founded in 1988 from an intense desire to bring a clearer understanding of the key to making innovation happen within organizations. Central to understanding your organization’s innovative potential and its impact on any engagement is to truly understand and embrace the human element of the collective individuals. For over 30 years, Idea Connection Systems® has worked with clients to implement innovation systems; dissecting, understanding, and interpreting human dynamics to affect implementable and tangible change for organizations. This insight into human behavior is what empowers companies to leverage their different strengths, which shows them how to leverage, integrate, and optimize their potential talent within in the organization. In turn, they will then gain the understanding and guidance to implement and sustain new systems, strategies, and team structures to create new success.