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Our company was founded in 1988 and is focused on helping organizations leverage human dynamics to release the potential of their people to sustain innovation. For 25 years, we have been partnering with clients globally to help them “create and achieve new” – new products, new services, new cultures, new processes and new systems.


The unique elements that make Idea Connection Systems® unique

Hi and welcome to our website. My name is Bob Rosenfeld and I am the founder of Idea Connection Systems®. Our company was founded in 1988 and is focused on helping organizations leverage human dynamics to release the potential of their people to sustain innovation.

For 30 years, we have been partnering with clients globally to help them “create and achieve new” – new products, new services, new cultures, new processes and new systems. We accompany our clients throughout the process, until they achieve a quantifiable gain which is what innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit is all about; and more importantly, we show them how to sustain it!

Over the years, we have accumulated a large body of experience and knowledge about how organizations work. Through our partnerships with leaders and managers at all levels in more than 70 multi-national and Fortune 500 organizations, governments, and large cities throughout the world, we have learned that creating something new is about leveraging strengths coupled with releasing the human spirit of creativity and entrepreneurism in individuals and teams.

We certainly take innovation seriously. We begin a relationship by partnering with the leaders and managers at all levels of the organization to “make the invisible visible”, allowing everyone to see what drives or impedes performance and innovation.

In the process, we provide services, including some of the following: our Speakers Bureau, leadership development, culture transformation, one on one coaching, workshops and proven assessment tools, such as the ISPI®, 4 Cultures, and others on a client specific basis.

Then we help our clients design and effectively implement “something new” in their organizations. We consult, coach, and if needed, train their people in what works. We point out the land mines that can derail their efforts and we help them avoid these pitfalls. We utilize and integrate our experience in innovation, creativity, leadership development, culture change, physio-cultural diversity and inclusion, and cognitive diversity to help our clients “create new”.

We believe in the systemic integration of wealth and social capital, the “triple bottom line”. They include profit sharing, shareholders, and the betterment of society. A striking example of the creation of a process that incorporates these can be seen in our Mosaic Partnerships™ program which links community leaders across racial, ethnic, and religious divides.

We look forward to working with you!

Please enjoy your visit to our site! If I can personally be of any help, please feel free to email me or contact my office.

Bob Rosenfeld
CEO and Founder, Idea Connection Systems®, Inc®.


Idea Connection Systems® nurtures and supports the process of innovation with a broad spectrum of customized services. Each is designed to release the full potential of your people, products, and services.

Assessment Instruments

Frameworks & tools used in identifying cognitive styles of individuals on teams and organizational culture.

Customized Workshops

Spark your innovation initiatives with customized innovation workshops that can be tailored to meet the needs of your organization.

Leadership Coaching

Expand your capacity to lead and manage to sustain a climate that is supportive of innovation with personalized coaching.


From initial intervention, through ongoing recovery, and long-term growth, Idea Connection Systems® uses a complex process of analysis, research, insight, interpretation, structure, coaching, implementation, and sustainment to make successful innovation practices within organizations possible.

Choosing A Framework

Includes the instruments, systems, methodologies, coaching, and initiatives Idea Connection Systems® uses to gather behavioral insight.

Accurate Understanding

Accurately and thoroughly understand the data yielded from the chosen framework to begin implementing organizational changes.

Goals & Application

Establish a clear system and set of goals to apply organizational restructuring and changes across departments and teams.

Organizational Implementation

Implement team restructuring, leadership engagement, and cultural changes to gauge long-term innovative performance.

Cultural Sustainment

Understand how to properly foster positive human dynamics within organizational culture to cultivate and sustain innovation.


Idea Connection Systems® is a trusted global consulting firm focused on providing instruments and services that leverage the unique human elements and dynamics within organizations to make innovation processes, systems, and results possible. Idea Connection Systems® was founded in 1988 from an intense desire to bring a clearer understanding of the key to making innovation happen within organizations. Central to understanding your organization’s innovative potential and its impact on any engagement is to truly understand and embrace the human element of the collective individuals. For over 30 years, Idea Connection Systems® has worked with clients to implement innovation systems; dissecting, understanding, and interpreting human dynamics to affect implementable and tangible change for organizations. This insight into human behavior is what empowers companies to leverage their different strengths, which shows them how to leverage, integrate, and optimize their potential talent within in the organization. In turn, they will then gain the understanding and guidance to implement and sustain new systems, strategies, and team structures to create new success.