optimization changes

We show managers how to change the way they manage and lead depending on their level within the organization. We train, educate, and coach individuals and teams to help them acquire human, organizational, and interpersonal skills required to achieve success.


Establishing a clear system and goals to apply optimization restructuring

People make innovation happen. In large organizations, it starts at the top. Aligning the top of the organization will welcome the rest of the organization to be educated on a common set of principles, language, and behavior. To begin, the organization must agree upon a vision and set of goals. Next, leadership must establish principles, accountabilities, language, measurements, expectations and behaviors, as they relate to the human aspect of innovation. Once the organization is aligned in these areas, these items can be spread to the rest of the organization through training, communication and marketing.

Applying Optimization Consultation Services

Idea Connection Systems® has worked with senior teams, middle management teams, and first line managers to improve their capacity to manage and lead. We guide managers on how to change the way they manage and lead depending on their level within the organization. We train, educate, and coach individuals and teams to help them acquire human, organizational, and interpersonal skills required to achieve success. We show people how to integrate their middle management and senior leadership skills to achieve maximum performance.

Middle Management Understanding

  • The business they are in – the customers, products, services, supply chain, and competition.
  • Key financial workings and benchmarks of the company.
  • The business environment – the state of the local and global economy and how this affects their business.

Senior Leadership Understanding

  • Vision, mission, values, strategies, goal setting, and delegation.
  • Human competence and team dynamics.
  • Human motivation.
  • Systems and processes and organizational structures.
  • Diversity of thought, as well as physio-cultural diversity.
  • How to make decisions, solve problems, resolve conflict, and coordinate and integrate work efforts.
  • How to train, educate, mentor, promote, and evaluate performance.
  • How to influence up, down, and sideways.

Applying frameworks

Many applications require open-mindedness and seeing where successful team members overlap or share Innovation Traits. The ISPI™ EXE is used by a variety of businesses in a spectrum of industries. The most active users of the ISPI™ EXE find success applying the ISPI™ EXE in Military Command and Advanced Innovations, National Retail Chains, Global Business Operations and Post Graduate Academic Research Coursework.

Military and Defense Application | Identify Tomorrow’s Leaders

Identify the Best Candidates to Lead.

The US Department of Defense uses the ISPI™ throughout their global operations. The ISPI™ EXE is the most trusted innovation instrument for identifying best candidates for Strategic Command and Military Think Tank Participation and Leadership succession.

Branches of the US military and defense organizations which have used the ISPI™ include:

  • US Pentagon
  • US Army
  • US Navy
  • US Airforce
  • US Marine Corps
  • US Department Of Homeland Security
  • USMC WarFighting Laboratory
  • Raytheon Aerospace (Private Sector)
  • Barnes Group International (Private Sector)
  • Cyber Defense Contractor (Private Sector)

Fortune 500 Companies | Benchmark Success

Are you the Disruptor or the Disrupted?

Find your game changer before your competitor does. Finding the right innovator to implement the change your organization needs to stay competitive is serious business. A ineffective hire could have devastating effects on your entire organization.

The ISPI™ is used in C-Suites, Board Rooms, R & D Departments, Incubators and HR operations of Fortune 500 companies around the world.  The ISPI™ EXE helps Fortune 500 companies discover benchmarks for hiring candidates that are most likely to be successful because of invisible traits not seen on a resume or interview.

Internationally well-known PRIVATE SECTOR clients using the ISPI™ include:

  • Hallmark Cards, Inc.
  • Celegene BioSciences Inc.
  • Wegmans Food Markets
  • Walmart Inc.
  • American Airlines

Academic Applications | Master Breakthroughs

Innovation is the future and today’s universities and institutes of learning are racing to keep ahead of trends and disruption.

In the past, it was taught that Innovation happens by luck. Today, the ISPI™ EXE  makes it possible for you to create the ideal team and environment for Innovation to occur. Universities are teaching tomorrow’s managers of innovation and many of the country’s best universities have created innovation programs.

Universities that are actively using the ISPI™ include:

  • Michigan State University
  • MSU Innovation Hub
  • Rochester Institute of Technology
  • University of Rochester
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Pennsylvania State University
  • Harvard University
  • Cornell University


Idea Connection Systems® is a trusted global consulting firm focused on providing instruments and services that leverage the unique human elements and dynamics within organizations to make innovation processes, systems, and results possible. Idea Connection Systems® was founded in 1988 from an intense desire to bring a clearer understanding of the key to making innovation happen within organizations. Central to understanding your organization’s innovative potential and its impact on any engagement is to truly understand and embrace the human element of the collective individuals. For over 30 years, Idea Connection Systems® has worked with clients to implement innovation systems; dissecting, understanding, and interpreting human dynamics to affect implementable and tangible change for organizations. This insight into human behavior is what empowers companies to leverage their different strengths, which shows them how to leverage, integrate, and optimize their potential talent within in the organization. In turn, they will then gain the understanding and guidance to implement and sustain new systems, strategies, and team structures to create new success.